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    This will be a tearser!

    I have just joined the site, Hi! My joy was old films and still is. One particular film was called Life is a Circus (1960) a comedy with the Crazy Gang not listed that I can see. Funny in parts if you like their brash humour. However, during the film Bud Flanagan finds a magic lamp to produce Lionel Jeffreys. He is in the lamp and dancing before him is a lovely dancer performing the seven vails She ends up quite nude apart from a tiny G-String. Very advanced for 1960!

    She dances fastly in the film but with modern technology it is great to see her in slow motion. Can anyone share knowledge with me, who was this dancer

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    Maureen Moore? See: Life Is a Circus (1960)


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    I have just watched the dvd of The Amazing Mr Blunden which included a

    Parkinson interview with Lionel Jeffries. L J said he was cast as the genie in

    a remake of Alf's Button Afloat, again with The crazy Gang. This film was

    called CLOWNS IN CLOVER directed by Val Guest. Unfortunately I cannot find any

    reference to this film on IMDB. Can anyone shed any light please?


    Grahame Green

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    Never heard of it and I'd guess that Val was doing the first Confessions film about that time. He was going to helm Pop Performer too until his wife put her foot down. I'd imagine it was a project that never found the required funding - I'll dig his autobiography out and have a look.

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    This film was actually called Life is a Circus. Full details on the imdb.

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    Slightly rique question, but I recall seeing a film on tv when I was young with Lionel Jeffries as a genie. Now maybe I was dreaming but I seem to also recall a very nice looking young lady, also dressed in genie type garb, in a very see through top, but I would have thought this would have not made it past the censors in 1960? So was this just the wishful thinking of an over-active imagination I wonder?

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