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    i am looking for the following titles on dvd.

    smith (1970)

    jamie (1971)

    the witch's daughter (1971)

    the viaduct (1973)

    nobody's house (1976)

    the enchanted castle (1979)

    maggie's moor (1980)

    nobody's hero (1982)

    the baker street boys -2 episodes (1983)

    the ghost of julian midwinter/the case of the captive clairvoyant

    dead entry (1987)

    dramarama (1980's)

    the adventures of rupert bear (1970's)

    grandad (clive dunn)

    supergran (gudrun ure)

    i am also interested in other children's titles

    any help would be most appreciated.

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    I have 1 episode of Rupert the Bear, Rupert and the Old Hat.

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    I have the Christmas short cartoon of Doris (the cat) from ITV circa 1984, several episodes of the Kids From 47a, and 42 episodes of the cartoon series The Mole - a wonderful Prague-made cartoon series that was shown on BBC1 in the 60's, 70's and 80's.

    <---- "Czech" out my user picture ;-)

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    I have the complete series of Supergran

    and 1 episode of Grandad

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