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    This is a long shot but I wonder if anyone can help.

    Many Years ago (long before Deal or no Deal!) Noel Edmunds did a Xmas day special show from the Top of the Post Office Tower....This involved various Guests dropping in as well as Xmas related bits of news and chat.

    Ive a feeling this was about 1990 but im not certain.

    I was just wondering if any readers may have this on tape somewhere....It was certainly within the era of VCR....I actually taped it myself but it was lost some years ago

    Can anyone help....?

    Happy New year


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    I remember it, Christmas Day morning on BBC1 and linkng to various outside broadcasts. I thought it ran for a few years.

    Noel Edmonds Live Live Christmas Breakfast Show? 1984 and 1985.

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    Seem to remember that Fergal was on one of these shows and the music started but Fergal didn't - well not straight away.

    Those were the days when miming was an art

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    From looking at a couple of old xmas radio times I have,

    xmas 84

    The Noel Live Live Christmas Breakfast Show was on 11.05am till 12.35pm

    xmas 86

    Christmas morning with Noel was 11.30am till 1.25pm

    Both shows were from the top of BT tower

    I think one of his guests on the 84 show was a girl duo called Strawberry Switchblade but I could be wrong

    great shame you lost your recording.

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    Thanks Guys

    If anyone does find a copy plase let me know OK

    Deal or no Deal.!... :)

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