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    Looking for this early 50s Dickie Attenborough film - he's a cabbie accused of murdering a young girl.

    Any good TV broadcast transfer on DVDR would be great. Very little to trade but happy to buy - private messages/offers welcome.

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    I have a copy of this direct from tv, please send me a PM if still interested,

    Best wishes

    Mike (MrT)

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    I have a Commercial VHS recording of this great little film - part of a double bill with Brighton Rock. Attenborough plays a man accused of murdering a little girl and is consequently scorned and reviled - though innocent. His world is shattered and he faces the gallows - the 8 O' Clock walk - if found guilty It is a very good and tense drama, nicely played, and with a cracking ending.

    I'd be happy to do a copy, if you still need it.

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