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    Does any one please have any copies available of this series made in the 1960's and starring such Carry On actors as Hattie Jaques and Kenneth Connor - a truly fantastic comedy series

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    Is this the series with Thora Hird? I'd love to see it too.....

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    My husband has just mentioned this 1960 comedy starring Charles Hawtrey.

    It was one of his favourite programmes at the time - but I note that imdb refers to it as a 'lost' comedy.

    Can anyone out there confirm or deny its status as lost?

    If someone has at least a fragment of the show - hubby would be highly chuffed to see it!

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    Our House

    Hattie Jaques and Charles Hawtrey in Norman Hudis’s comedy about surreal boarding

    house residents.

    The series initially ran for 13 episodes from September to December 1960, returning the following year with Bernard Bresslaw and Hylda Baker as Henrietta added to the cast. Of the 39 episodes in total, only three survive today.

    The only surviving episodes are Simply Simon [ITV, 8 Sept. 1960], A Thin Time [ITV, 25 Sept. 1960] and Love to Georgina [ITV, 20 Nov. 1960].

    The majority of the master tapes were destroyed during the 1960s.

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    Well, at least it's something that three exist, although I doubt they'll see the light of day again unfortunately

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