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Thread: Clare Jenkins

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    Can anyone help me with any information regarding Clare?

    I'm trying to get in contact regharding an event that I'm running.

    Do we know what she's doing since giving up acting? Did she get married & her name change?

    Here IMDB page is here:

    Clare Jenkins

    There are 70+ Clare's with here name that I could see on so I could do with some help in narrowing that down



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    Just came across this via a Similar Threads link below the post I've done at Megs Jenkins' place. I was unaware one had been started for Clare until now, although this was before I joined. Last year, wellendcanons put her name forward as one of the many, so I followed this up with a couple of posts. She takes up much of the third page at that thread.

    Clare Jenkins in 'Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)' (1970) (filmed August/September 1968)

    I should have remembered Clare Jenkins from the episode The Smile Behind the Veil, but her appearance was so fleeting.
    Therefore, she's a classic example of an Unnoticed actress. With her is a young Michael Radford, the future film director:

    They're credited as 'Female Hiker' and 'Male Hiker', seen here spotting a wishing well (situated at Rowley Farm, Well End).

    At the well, Michael wishes he were a millionaire but the couple are suprised to hear a voice below coming back at them:

    ("And I wish I was out of this perishing well!")

    Mike Pratt as Randall and Kenneth Cope as Hopkirk
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    Great post Cornershop.

    Clare Jenkins is a favourite of mine. She's also turned up in Adam Adamant Lives! and Dr Who.


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    Thought I'd bump this thread, as I just rewatched my Lost In Time Dr Who DVD, and came across this ravishing creature in The Wheel in Space. But enough of Patrick Troughton I can't believe Clare did so little work ... shame.

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    Bring back Clare Jenkins! I'd love to see more of her work and to know what she's up to now.

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