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    hi all

    i not long purched a documentry called . retreat from dunkirk . and around the middle of the film

    it jumped into a .UK WAR FILM. all it showed wos a fue soldier's stacking drums in a

    gulley and a tank comeing down over the gulley into the center and geting stuck

    i dident see if the tank wos blown up or not .. not much to go on but any help

    finding out what this film might be would be great as i dont have this one

    best mark w....

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    Hello Mark,

    I think this is Battle of the Bulge. Have a look on IMDB see if any of the actors jump out at you.

    I seem to remember a blonde haired Robert Shaw (as a German) in the scene you describe.



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    hi freddy

    i thort along them lines as well but it's not the same pitcher i dont think this one is an old english film

    will haft to watch it again to get some more detailes .. best , mw

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