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    Hi DB7,

    My tuppenceworth...

    I am definitely not a fan of these sneaky adverts. Every medium is becoming steadily polluted with flash-type pop ups etc, videos for insurance, visual ads etc. that start with a benal question and it really does detract from the quality of the hosting medium. The absence of (external) product advertising throughout the BBC's canon is one of the features that make it the finest broadcasting organisation in the world. Adverts suck.


    This forum is a temple.

    Don't turn it into a car boot sale! :


    Edward G.

    name='DB7']Not really, I was just asked to consider them as they're already affiliated with Lovefilm and some other film sites. Personally I can't abide them but thought it best to get some feedback. It's a 99.9% chance they wont be appearing.

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    name='David Brent']What beats me is how the advertisers really believe they can sell their products in such a way.
    You really shouldn't say that out loud.

    If Advertisers ever do realise that............. the whole internet will collapse upon itself........ and we'll all have to start paying BT directly, to air our views and share our ( ) knowledge with, the global audience.

    I'd rather that sort of nonsense than the sort of involuntary movie pop-ups I sometimes get randomly, when I visited imdb recently. On more than one occasion their graphics demands have locked my entire computer up for several seconds, and on occasion I've resorted to 'endtask' to escape their grip. Employing anti-pop-up software is evidently what has led to this new strategy that I came across for the first time recently. I thought it akin to the Wikipedia word-litter and was utterly baffled when clicking on an interesting-looking key-word revealed to me the merits of some form of eye-pod or other..........

    I should imagine sites that do employ the relevant-link software must be annoyed that people's confidence in them will be wobbled. I've noticed when googling that some apparently relevant links sometimes take you to a random advertising site. Domain sellers seem to leave these redundant links up (I presume the originator has lost interest and gone to play elsewhere) until such time as the domain name is repurchased.

    I suppose it's all about counting your Hits.

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    Don't like them at all, just annoying popups. Know I won't be going to see Meet the Spartans in a ridiculous.

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