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    This has reminded me of a reoccuring nightmare I had as a child which almost ended up with my parents seeking councilling for me.It only lasted for a few seconds and involved a black dog running down the fast lane of the motorway just ahead of my dads lorry and being squashed by another lorry sending it guts out of its backside all over our screen.The dog was a bit bigger than a horse and galloping like one.I only saw it from behind.The cause of this horror was put down to a few years before when,at the age of about 5 my sister and I saw a flasher on the hard shoulder.It was thought initially that it was a lorry driver having a p^&s but other witnesses say that he was facing the carridgeway playing with himself.I remember being more scared of all the police activity following this incident,it was like the scene of a major disaster area.My dad spent most of his life on the road and retired early after seeing too many upsetting incidents.Most too depressing to put on a public forum.


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    Another killer dog movie, of a different color. [FINAL

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    Rottweiler: Dogs of Hell.

    Dogs of Hell (1982)

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