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    Definitely an underrated classic. With surely one of the best lines of all time.

    "...And now for the Werewolf break" Those fools on IMDB give it a measly 5.7/10 this is a crime, i demand you go there now and bump the score up

    If I hadn't looked it up I'd have thought it was a last gasp Hammer classic, as there are several Hammer starts in it. Brilliant, and just in case there is anyone who has not seen it (surely not) don't give the ending away.

    Sheer class!

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    Ugh. Awful film. Yet one I'd probably revisit, for as a British horror fan, these God-awful films hold a perverted pleasure for me.

    Even the mighty Cush was terrible in this one. But his mere presence is enough for me to watch it, and I like Diffring, too, a chap I always wished had done more Hammer horror (though this was an Amicus effort, of course).

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    cheesy bizarre amicus production that simply has to be seen to be believed. The lead in it seems to be on some cocaine high throughout! Cushing gives possibly his most inferior performance and has little to do but look wise in the background. The werewolf break is brilliant kitsch value as is the music. Diffring gives probably the best performance

    And the werewolf is....

    a bloody great big dog!

    Terrible effects

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    Yes the werewolf looked more like a black border collie!

    Personally I love the kitsch and camp value of this film. It is the old fashioned werewolf story dragged up to date - well up to the mid-seventies at least. And it shows. Amicus trying to straddle the then popular blaxploitation film theme and mixing it with olde English horror.

    I love the way the night scenes are obviously filmed during the day with a filter. Also the most pathetic car chase ever. I got the film on DVD last year for a couple of quid.

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    A great film with a corking theme tune,aswell!!!

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    I always liked the film, myself - picked up a copy on DVD for �2.00 at a car boot over the easter break.

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