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    I can remember two things about this movie, it was about a couple, the wife of whom was going to inherit a house or something, and they came over to england.The house seemed to trap them there abd they could not leave the state and village. I remember the guy who was American trying to escape in a car and maybe a horse, but giving up as he was going in circles, even though he was driving away from the place. Also i think there was an old guy (a relative of the wife)who was dying inside an oxygen tent.

    And i think this was the same film, a guy is choking on a bone and a woman administers a tracheotamy and he dies, she finds a chicken bone in his throat, then they realize he had only ate the pate.

    can anyone name the film (i hope this is all the same film anyway) :)

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    Thats sounds like The Legacy ( 1978 ) Starring Katherine Ross,Sam Elliott and Roger Daltrey to me....

    Roger Daltrey is the one with the chicken bone in his throat and they try to retrieve it and help but in the end it kills him.

    The Legacy (1978)

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    It's definitely The Legacy. Available on DVD The Legacy (Region 2).

    It starts off with Elliott & Ross getting knocked off of a motorcycle by John Standing and them having to go back to his house while their bike's being repaired.

    There is a famous scene with a rather nice rear view of Sam Elliott getting into a shower............

    DS x.

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    thats the one. Thanks for the memory jog.

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