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    In order to help friends from the AMIA site(in the US).

    Thanks in advance.


    They are looking for the title to a film with the following plot description:

    "takes place after the war when a man looks for his young daughter. he searches orphanages etc and

    eventually visits one where it is thought the child might be. he is introduced and tries laying down

    various memory markers including perfume the mother wore to which the child does not respond.

    the film is about to end and he to give up, saying goodbye to the child, when as a gift of despair, he

    gives the child an old soft toy. child grabs toy, tearfully shouting 'Binky, binky' of course confirming

    that this is his child. The End."

    Only other clue: they think it's post-war British.

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    "A Journey for Margaret" (USA, 1942) had a similar kind of plot except the girl the man found was not his daughter.

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    "Little Boy Lost" with Bing Crosby, 1953

    Ted, Ottawa

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    I believe Ted from Ottawa is right, I recall the "Binky, Binky" line

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