Can Anyone Help w/these UK Rarities:

The Old Curiosity Shop Mabel Poulton 1921

Balaclava Benita Hume 1928

Kitty Estelle Brody 1928

The Lady of the Lake Benita Hume 1928

The Last Post John Longdon 1928

Tesha Maria Corda 1928

The Three Passions Ivan Petrovitch 1928

To What Red Hell John Hamilton 1928

Yellow Stockings Percy Marmount 1928

City of Play Chili Bouchier 1929

Comets Albert Sandler 1929

The Co-optimists Stanley Holloway 1929

The Crimson Circle Stewart Rome 1929

The Devil's Maze Renee Clama 1929

The Feather Jameson Thomas 1929

The Hate Ship Jameson Thomas 1929

High Seas John Stuart 1929

The Lady From the Sea Moore Marriott 1929

The Plaything Estelle Brody 1929

A Romance of Seville Alex D'Arcy 1929

Taxi For Two John Stuart 1929

Those Who Love Blanche Adele 1929

Under the Greenwood Tree Nigel Barrie 1929

The Vagabond Queen Betty Balfour 1929

Would You Believe It? Walter Forde 1929

The Mill on the Floss Victoria Hopper 1937

I've done a lot of 'guessing,' as to the Stars of some of the above, but,

I think I've 'nailed' them pretty accurately. HELP!!!