im trying to track down a film i saw part of about 10 years ago,

it was about two guys who worked together and one of them was really lucky with the ladys, he'd boast at work about his conquests with women and another guy who worked in the office sat and listened to his stories,

the twist in the story came when the office stud guy was showing off and rang a woman and told her to meet him in a farmhouse that night and to bring a friend, the woman ended up taking the other guy instead of another woman, this is as far as i saw the film,

i dont think it was a porn film, i think it might have been on uktv channel 4 late night, ive always wondered what the point of the film or story was as i missed the end, although there were many references to sex and things of that nature, im almost sure it wasnt a porn film, up to the point i saw there was nothing of adult content apart from the script, no naked ness or anything, maybe it was a porn spoof??

if anyone can work out what im on about then please reply!!!