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Thread: Blanche Fury

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    I saw this today, I think it was on more 4.No doubt it will be repeated if you wanna look out for it. I really enjoyed it.

    Anyone else like this film?

    Fagins girl xx

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    From the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
    In Blanche Fury (1948) he [Maurice Denham] played not only his own role, but also revoiced the elderly actor he was playing opposite and provided the voice of a third character calling from off-screen

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    My aunt is now 91 and in a nursing home.She worked as a housekeeper for the family of Cherry London, who has a small role in this film.They were very friendly.I believe this is her only role.

    She said Cherry didn't seek any other roles because of the casting couch.

    I wanted to ask my aunt how she got the role in Blanche Fury but thought better of it!..

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    It is a favourite of mine too. A good deal of it was filmed at Wootton Lodge near Alton Towers which I think is in Staffordshire.

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    My friend Lawrie worked on this as an AD. He said that the studio fire brigade, a bunch of old fellows of retirement age, were on hand to control the flames during the burning building scene. But when it came time to use their hoses they realised they'd forgotten to plug them in to a water supply. He always found this very funny!

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    Just watched it, good film. Nice to see a return to the 'melodrama'-type films!

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