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    Aired in October 2007 (may have been a repeat).

    About the desperate exploits of a bloke looking for a girl to a wedding (his brother's?).

    Dream sequences of him at the wedding with various unsuitable girls, interspersed with disastrous dates.

    Thought it was quite amusing, but can't remember the name - can anyone help?

    Thanks in advance...

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    Sione's Wedding?

    Sione's Wedding (2006)

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    Sounds like Plus One .The pilot aired on Channel 4 in 2007 and a short series followed earlier this year.Concerned the attempts of a bloke(Daniel Mays) to find a really hot date for the wedding of his ex-fiancee who had ditched him for Duncan from Blue(as he was always referred ).The dates always ended in disaster.Clipof Episode 1 on Youtube

    [nomedia=""]YouTube- Plus One Episode 1 (Part 1) - with Duncan James (from Blue)[/nomedia]

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