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Thread: The Angry Hills

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    The Angry Hills (1959) was on TCM yesterday. I was channel hopping when I stumbled across it at about quarter to five in the afternoon. It was rather surreal to see Robert Mitcham in a scene with our own Leslie Phillips, but what was even stranger was when a nightclub dancer entered the scene topless. She even came at sat at the table with Mitcham and Phillips. I�m no prude but I was completely dumbfounded because a) I didn�t think that was allowed on telly before the watershed and b) I didn�t think any British film had such blatant nudity in it in the 1950s. Can anyone advise on either point? (no pun intended!)

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    There was the 'cheeky' finale to I'm All Right Jack...

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    There was a bit of nudity in both Expresso Bongo and The Day the Earth Caught Fire.

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    It was a Robert Aldrich film and he did push forth the barriers a bit.

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