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    I am trying to remember the title for this childrens tv serial / one off drama I recall seeing back in the late '70's (repeated 1980/1)

    Can't remember much at all I'm afraid, only it featured a young girl escaping from two older (twins I believe) punky girls wearing plastic glasses.

    I recall them giving chase through an airport or something like that; trying to get hold of this 'apple' (??!)

    Maybe this was part of the BBC2 playhouse season or something...

    ... please help...

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    And currently viewed by a mystery guest ...

    I'm surprised no-one followed up intervision's request. Eighteen months later, can anyone help identify this programme?

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    This site lists all brit telefantasy of the 70s.

    It doesn't tell you much about the shows but it might help jog your memory

    1970s, British Telefantasy Timeline

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