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Thread: Trilogy?

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    I remember going to the cinema in the 50s and they were showing 3 short b/w films introduced by I think Gilbert Harding.

    One film sticks in my memory.It was of two old ladies who sere in love?? with a man and not being able to get his attentions they locked him up in an attic room - I think there were a lot of butterfly cases in the otherwise emty room - and they kept him there for years until they were both very old and died. Not sure how he eventually escaped but by then a very old man.

    Anyone recollect the film and what it was called?

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    Many thanks for reply. You are probably correct. There seems to have been a series in 1954 issued by Paramount and hosted by Gilbert Harding called Calling Scotland Yard or Gilbert harding Speaking of Murder. The only reference I can find gives - "Two sisters planning a fearful revenge on a man who didn't want them."

    That description seems to fit my memory of the picture. The other films didnt register with me.

    I would have loved to have seen that film once more but since I doubt if it ever appeared on TV and is unlikely to ever have been issued on VHS my chances of seeing it again I suppose are about zero.

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