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    anybody got the colour version of the episode where eric was a bus driver and hattie his conductor ,was disapointed it wasnt on the 1972 series box set ,used to work at the bus garage featured

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    I think I have this "Bus" from 1973?, where Eric and Hattie offer a more personal touch to their passengers, have a few more episodes aswell.

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    I remember being very surprised that they were so excited about getting a Routemaster since it was about the time the new-style buses with doors were appearing which seemed terribly glam to me (it was a simpler time)

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    Does anybody have a copy or know where i can get hold of any of these Eric Sykes TV Shows?

    Sykes vs ITV

    Sykes and a Big Big Show

    Sykes: With the lid off

    Eric Sykes Shows a few of Our Favourite Things

    Thanks in advance

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    Does anyone remember watching this lost episode?:

    The Australian Women's Weekly, 27th March 1963

    ERIC SYKES and Hattie Jacques opened their new TV series in England with an episode titled "Sykes In a Fog" [Sykes and a ... Fog]. The Fog in the studio was so realistic that all the studio staff had to be issued with smog masks to stop them coughing their hearts out during the show.

    Eric himself was battling not only with fog but with a personal worry. After an operation on what was his only good ear, he now wears a small hearing aid, and hopes that it won't distract the viewers. He's encouraged by the fact that pop singer Johnnie Ray wears one, too, and his fans screamed almost loudly enough to break the gadget.

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