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    Anyone else have memories of that long gone cinema?

    81-82 I lived local in my first year at Imperial, and spenty many a happy - and, indeed, often odd - evening/early morning there.

    Loads of Pasolini, my first sightings of Dirty Harry, Texas Chainsaw - but some subtlety as well

    What I'd really like is to find a programme of films from that year - I remember having a listing that detailed all the films for that period and seeing that again wouldn't half jog some memories....

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    What a memory jogger. I grew up in London and went to school in that area so spent many happy hours there. Best memory, Celine and Julie Go Boating-dazzling and the kind of experience you never forget. There were quite a few foreign language cinemas then (the 70's). We have regressed not progressed.

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    I saw quite a few pictures there - La Notte and The Gospel According to St Matthew for example. It was in Drayton Gardens, I think, and owned by Charles and Kitty Cooper of Contemporary Films and, truth to tell, was a pretty terrible auditorium with a virtually flat floor. It was smokey and impossible to see the screen. Bags of atmosphere, though. And John Kobal lived opposite, in a cavernous mansion block apartment filled with filing cabinets and strange people.

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