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    Truly, Madly, Cheaply recently on BBC4 featured film historian Matthew Sweet who presented a documentary reappraising over half a century of British B movies, from John Mills on the wrong end of a whipping in The Lash through to the giant gorilla Konga running amok in Croydon.

    Unfortunately as far as I am aware many of these have never been seen since. I have some of them, for example The Ghost Camera (1933), The Shadow (1933) and Murder By Rope (1936) and a few others, but was wondering whether the 1930's films featured in the documentary, for example The Lash (1930) and Shot in The Dark (1933) are available on either VHS or DVD?

    Does any member out there have any of these classics?

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    I'm not sure if these were mentioned in the documentary, but I have these rare British 1930's films on DVD:-

    Hindle Wakes (1931) Sybil Thorndike, John Stuart.

    Crown v Stevens (1936) Beatrix Thomson, Patric Knowles, Googie Withers, Bernard Miles.

    Poison Pen (1939) Flora Robson, Ann Todd, Wilfrid Hyde-White, Kenneth Connor, Esma Cannon.

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    It may help if you had a list of the films you are looking for. Barry.

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    Watched this again last night...I'm pretty sure I have 'Shot In The Dark' I'll have a look.

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    i've just learned about this documentary, was it any good ? If so is it available on DVD ?

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