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    Hope it's the right place to post.

    This comes from a Correspondent in the US.

    Thanks for your help.


    a question about PBS "masterpiece" presentations of BBC material

    i chanced last night to watch the PBS "masterpiece mystery" presentation

    of an episode from the BBC's "foyle's war" series, and there were some

    aspects of the narrative structure of the program that seemed to me very

    peculiar . . . . it's possible that the beeb [with whose programs i'm

    largely unfamiliar] uses a different model of narrative organization

    than i'm used to -- but i suppose it's also possible that PBS re-edited

    the program [for audience and/or time considerations] and that some of

    the things i noticed were distortions of the original . . .

    so . . . does anyone know whether PBS mucks around with beeb originals

    before presenting them, or whether they are presented in substantially

    original form?

    thanks for any clues



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    Almost everything shown on Masterpiece/Mystery on PBS is cut for time, somtimes to the point of incomprehensibility. They cut more than 10 minutes out of "Foyle's War" programs, I believe, to fit a 90 minute time slot that includes intros. This has only been happening regularly for about the last 5 years or so. PBS used to butcher much less.

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    I don't know if you watch it on a BBC channel but Foyles War is made for ITV in the UK.

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