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    This is a bit OT but maybe someone knows the answer.

    On holiday recently in the Czech Republic ,I watched an old Russian Soviet film on TV. It was made around the 50/60s in glorious Sovietcolour (Eastman colour) and very different from "All them cornfields...and ballet in the evenings". It opened with a collection of sailors (male and female) boarding there ship with much comradeship and cossack dancing on the deck. The captain (who looked like Stalin) frowns at all this but secretly likes it. Then there are frequent sudden cuts to what appears to be a Bond-type master criminal dressed in a velvet dressing gown on board a luxury yacht. He has a black-clad femme fatale mistress and a Pussy Galore type sidekick. His plan is to hold the USSR to random by destroying lighthouses and causing sea disasters. The sailor heroes rescue the survivors of sunken ships (in between some cross-dressing on-deck entertainment) and eventually catch the criminal.

    It was like Eisenstein meets Fritz Lang.

    And idea what it was? (I missed the credits)

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    No, but it sounds like THE BEST THING EVER.

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