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    I was thinking about getting [ame=""]The Definitive Ealing Studios Collection box set[/ame] but before I bought it I went on amazon and read the reviews. According to the first review, the quality of the DVDs aren't very good. Does anyone know if that's true?

    If they aren't very good quality are there any other DVD box sets or individual DVDs with Ealing Studios films which are good?

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    I think that most Ealing films are only available in that edition in R2 (though there's a separate 2-disc Whisky Galore but even that might be the same print and a R1 Criterion Collection Kind Hearts and Coronets - both are worth getting for the extras, IMO). I've got most of them, I think, and haven't noticed any problems with the print quality - it's true they aren't full restorations but they seemed perfectly fine to me. Though sometimes these things depend on the size of one's tv - what looks fine on my tiny one may look a bit different on a 42inch plasma screen thingy.

    Sorry, that probably isn't very helpful...

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    Dead of Night has been issued twice on DVD in the UK by Studio Canal - I have both issues and can make the following observations. The first issue was part of a four disc box set "Ealing Classics DVD Collection" (plus Scott of the Antarctic, Nicholas Nickleby and Went the day well?) released through Warner Brothers (Cat: ZI 38498). In this set the print of Dead of Night is quite well used, and does show a lot of spots and blips on the picture - it is however razor sharp ( to my eye) and is probably an early 35 mm print. In 2006 Dead of Night was released again through Optimum in the Ealing Studios Collection and this print has been cleaned up significantly, so that most of the spots and lines on the picture have gone - if indeed the same print was used, then it has had considerable digital restoration for the second release. However, the downside is that the overall image is not quite so sharp.

    I can see why the original Warner Brothers release would have attracted criticism in this digitally perfect age, but to me I find it perfectly acceptable that a sixty year old film should have a few speckles on the picture - but maybe I am an exception.

    It should be remembered also that sadly the original negative for Dead of Night was destroyed by fire many years ago, so new prints can only be struck from existing ones - this possibly accounts for the slightly soft focus seen on some copies.

    Mike (MrT)

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    IIRC some of the Ealing films were restored. I've a couple of boxsets and the prints are fine.

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