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    This film brings a new meaning to the phrase a mans best friend is his dog - I think there's plenty of irony at play here. As with many Graham Greene novels/short stories they provide fascinating moral dilemmas for the characters in the stories being told.

    This one is no different - in that it puts a wealthy financier who has embezzled three million dollars on the run from Scotland Yard. He's a callous and mean spirited character who seems at first to have no heart but as the story progresses and desperation sets in he may just be finding himself.

    Excellent on location shooting in Spain, replicates the Mexican and US border town of the story, lots of great characters as well, including the dog Dolores.


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    Neglected Classics: Across the Bridge (Rank, 1957)

    Article on the film....
    BFI | Sight & Sound | Lost and found: Across the Bridge

    Watch the complete film (free in UK) at Blinkbox:
    Watch Across the Bridge Online | Free Movies | blinkbox

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