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Thread: The Citadel

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    Another movie I saw many years ago with Robert Donat, wonder if it still plays. I know they did a BBC mini-series adaptation, never saw that but wonder how it compares?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Lionheart View Post
    ... wonder if it still plays...

    Well I'm sorry to say that I thought it a great disappointment.

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    The novel was a bit turgid and that came through in the film


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    I remember the TV adaptation (Ben Cross, Clare Higgins, Gareth Thomas, Niall Buggy) and that was good. Not sure whether it's available on DVD or on Youtube. Yes, the book was rather turgid.

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    I have seen the film, read the book and watched the TV series.....I found them all enjoyable. The film is out there somewhere, as I have seen it on TV albeit some time ago. I have no doubt both the film and TV series could be found on Amazon or the like.

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    I thought the film was well done. It's a bit slow and dated but the theme comes through and Robert Donat makes it more than worth seeing. He plays very well with Rosalind Russell, and it has Ralph Richardson and Rex Harrison too.

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