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    Having just booked to see this at The Cinema Haymarket ( the old Carlton theatre ) was wondering if any forum mebers had already seen it and if so what they thought of it ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I thought it was fantastic! You get rock cakes in the interval and there's showtunes and a trapeze and everything! More theatre should be like this.

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    It's very good indeed.

    Worth keeping an eye on Kneehigh - they also did a great version of The Red Shoes.

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    name='Gazza']It's very good indeed.

    Worth keeping an eye on Kneehigh - they also did a great version of The Red Shoes.

    I thought it was A Matter of Life and Death I saw them do

    They did do The Red Shoes, but it wasn't based on the film. It was based on some poetry which in turn was based on the original Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale. Of course they were aware of the film, but that only touched lightly on their production.

    They are very good although I had a few queries and complaints about their version of AMOLAD they aren't really very many.

    The main one was that they decided that June didn't need to be American. That's fair enough, a lot of the film was dealing with Anglo-American relations just after the war and they didn't apply nowadays. But they made her English and that meant that they couldn't do the attacks on and the defence of Britain which is a major part of and a major point of the film. They had to bring in another story line to make up for this.

    They did some brilliant coup de theatre like the way they did the table-tennis scene and the camera obscura. Some very clever stuff there.

    But they decided to make the ending depend on the toss of a coin. If it fell one way, Peter lived, the other way and he died. And they did have two different endings which they gave on different nights depending on how the coin fell. But if Peter dies then that does negate the point of most of the whole story. On the night we saw it, he lived. So that was all right. But most of the critics seem to have seen it on a night when he died and consequently they didn't give it the great write-up that it deserved.

    And they also got into some silly argument with some of the critics which didn't help anyone.

    It wasn't as good as the film. Of course not, there's not much that is. But it was a noble venture and a great evening's entertainment. And they're certainly a theatre company worth seeing.


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    Thanks for that Steve, I didn't see their version of AMOLAD. But a review from you is worth something

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