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    Many years ago I saw, on t.v., a british ghost story which has haunted me ever since. Of course I don't know the name, nor the actors. It was about a very old woman who refused to die because she would not leave her house. Somehow she gets tricked into dying, there is a scene about a funeral home and a casket, and she thinks she has tricked death and returns to her house, then of course we realize she did indeed die, and is now a spirit in the house, scaring the wits out of, I believe, her neice.... a really well done show, does anyone know what I'm talking about and where I might find a copy? Thanks. Sheila

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    Sounds very much like an episode of The Ray Bradbury Theater called There was an old woman.

    There's an IMDB entry here:

    "The Ray Bradbury Theater" There Was an Old Woman (1988)

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    Can't remember this particular edition, but if this is indeed the one, it wasn't shown in the UK under the "Ray Bradbury Theatre" banner, but under the umbrella title "Twist In The Tale".

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    This story has been on in recent weeks, satellite channel Zone Horror I think, as part of The Ray Bradbury Theatre.

    Mary Morris was the old lady who refused to die - seemingly interacting with her niece, funeral parlour staff and the morticians (insisting they sew her back up!) before finally merging with her physical body in the coffin...


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