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    Hi there! Great forum, i'm totally new to it, i don't even whether there's a search button somewhere, to check whether my question has ever been answered...sorry :)

    Well, there's been some years ago when I watched on TV a movie, where different versions for the end of the world have been shown.

    The film was following the lives of 3-4 families and as shown as the first version for the end of the world had ended, the story ran back to the same beginning point, to start showing the next version.

    For example, I remember a businessman going to catch up a flight for a business trip. In the first end of the world, his taxi was stopped by troops (end was coming due to a virus), in the other end of the world, his plane was sucked by a black hole, etc etc

    It's very hard for me to find even a specific piece of information for that movie, I couldn't recognise a known actor.

    You're my last chance :)

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    It was a 1 hour docu-drama made BBC and was called 'End Day'

    End Day - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    You 're truely remarkable! That's it!

    That's why I couldn't easily find it, cause it's not a ''real'' movie. I thought I saw BBC shown somewhere in the end titles at that time.

    Thanks very much for your help folks!

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