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    A surgeon (Googie Withers) loves a research pathologist (James Donald) amid the goings-on at a small British hospital.

    White Corridors was based on Yeoman Hospital, a novel by Helen Ashton.

    This is one of my all time favourite movies.

    Googie Withers is becomingly literal as the lady doctor in low-heel shoes and James Donald is excellent as her husband who tests new serums in the hospital lab.

    An almost forgotten (no idea why) but great movie.
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    2792407360_86d3d2e821_z.jpgGoogie had a popular TV series as a lady prisoner governor didn't she?

    *checks imdb*....... yes, she did.....

    Plus a couple of episodes of my old fave Aussie show, Boney!!

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    Yes, an excellent and very watchable film, a few cliches in there ( difficult to avoid in medical films) but nice to see Basil Radford in there with a semi comic role. The British seem to have a facsination for dramas set in and around hospitals and there are plenty to choose from. Behind the Mask is good and so is Life in Emergency ward 10 and one about nursing, The Feminine Touch. And let's not forget all the 'Doctor' films. There must be lots more..........

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    Emergency Call is one of my favourite 'hospital' films, and of course there is Green for Danger.

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