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    Can anyone help with a British film b/w 40's or earlier. The denouement was the heroine amd hero rowing acrooss water ( possibly an underground lake !)The enter a cave or a grotto with treasure and a statue of a madonna.The heroine's memory then comes back. I saw this over 40 years ago as a child and until I eventually saw it believed it was Madonna of the Seven Moons .

    I sometimes think I must have dreamt it but can anyone help ?

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    I wonder if this might have been "The Woman with No Name', another Phyllis Calvert vehicle? It was known as 'Her Panelled Door' in the US.

    Madonnas seem to have been something of a lietmotif for Phyllis around that time - she also had another vehicle called 'Golden Madonna', now lost. However, none of the synopses I've found for The Woman with No Name include the ending, though they do say she recovers her memory.

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