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    I wonder if anyone can help with a copy of the wonderful, though much under-rated, White Corridors? My ageing video tape recently recorded in the mid-80s is now dead, and I'd love to have a copy once again.

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    Since there is a thread on this film and some members do seem to have seen it, I thought I'd ask - does anyone have a copy and would they trade/sell/exchange it for chocolate/undying gratitude/filthy lucre?

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    Ditto the above, please ... but can't offer monetary exchange due to being essentially penniless, so can offer a trade only (3500 approx to trade).



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    Anyone who wants a copy of White Corridors please send me a PM - and I can even give you a choice of two copies, either from BBC2 (1994) or Carlton Cinema (2004) should you have a preference!!

    Best wishes

    Mike (MrT)

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    I have it. One is longer, as I think the BBC cut ten minutes from it. PM me if you want it.

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