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    When watching Sarah Brown's speech, where she publically supported husband Gordon Brown I was reminded of a scene with Beatrice Campbell in My Brother Johnathon.

    Spoiler Alert

    Michael Dennison, who was romantically involved with Dulcie gray in the film, dumped her inorder to marry his brother's (Ronald Howard) pregant widow, played by Beatrice, to give her financial support. Dennison's Johnathon Dakers in trouble at the works where he was a Doctor on the verge of the sack. Though still greiving the loss of her one and only love, Howard, Beatrich goes to the meeting and introduces herself as Mrs. Johnathon Dakers and gives a career saving speech, saving his neck. Shortly afterwards she dies of a brokem heart, still missing her first husband. However, Dulcie happilly takes Johnathon back and they raise his brother's son (Pete Murray)as their own.

    Beatrich in contrast to her character, after her first husband was killed in WW2, was able to get on with her life, marrying Nigel Patrick

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    But why did Mrs. Brown wear a skirt that, according to my missus, was two sizes too small?



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    Quote Originally Posted by homeguard
    But why did Mrs. Brown wear a skirt that, according to my missus, was two sizes too small? Regards, HG
    Nothing to do with the skirt, HG - Mrs Brown was just too big for it! Perhaps Fagin wouldn't fork out the extra for a larger size?

    I think her speech smacked more of a woman desperate not to have to move to Scotland, myself!

    DS x.

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    I've just been watching My Brother Jonathan, again - what a wonderful film. As a medical man myself, I think Dr Jonathan Dakers is the epitome of everything a doctor should be.

    The performances are powerful and moving, particularly the relationship between Dr Dakers and Rachael Hammond (his real life wife). The scene at the where Edie dies, having given birth to Harold's son is desperately poignant. Her marriage to Jonathan saved her reputation - and that of her son - society in the '20s was very unforgiving of illegitimate children. I find this scene especially moving, as Edie has perceived that Jonathan truly loves Rachael, and feels that her death will be "for the best".

    She does not actually give a speech, but just enters the hall where a meeting to eject Dr Dakers from the Hospital staff is taking place. Various whispers have arisen as to why Dr Dakers' wife lives 20 miles away, and yet, in the week, resides at the surgery - but her appearance - looking particularly breathtaking, scotches the rumours.

    A great, great film, and I wish it was more widely known.

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