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    Has anyone been watching Charlie Borrman's Sunday night series. It is watchable,but I just can't see the point of it,and Michael Palin did a better job with his Around The World In Eighty Days.

    Ta Ta

    Marky B

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    I thought he was quite good on his recent motorcycle trip, but Ewan McGregor was much more sympathetic to the people and the opportunities they were presented with. Charlie seemed more shallow, and I'm afraid he has disappointed on this latest 'jolly'. I met a group of businessmen in Tunisia once, at Le Bay de Singe, who spent the whole of their week there playing cards and drinking. They'd been taken there by a chemical company, PBI, on a 'thankyou' trip. When I enquired why they didn't at least visit a few of the tourist sights, they said that the month before they had been in Thailand with May and Baker, and this Tunisia trip was a bit of a fag. Charlie reminds me of those businessmen. Too many places to see, too many programmes to make, too many 'jollies'. I should think he's a riot to hang out with, until you end up in Nepal with him! How naive was he running around with the Maoist demonstrators, while local Hindus watched, worried about their future, from the sidelines. The whole thing must be what it is like on a "see twenty countries in two weeks" coach tour round Europe. Yes, Michael Palin did do a better job. Even David Dimbleby did. Another waste of money.



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    I saw the first episode of this series and thought that Charlie was really missing his big mate Ewan.

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    The value of having a famous dad and actor as your best mate. Otherwise the Beeb would have never picked up his current series.

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