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    Can anyone fill in the gaps?

    I have -

    Series 1

    1/3 The Affair Of The Avalanche Bicycle And Tyre Co. Ltd. - w/Peter Vaughan

    1/4 The Horse Of The Invisible - w/Donald Pleasance & Michele Dotrice

    1/6 The Case Of The Mirror Portugal - w/Peter Vaughan & Jeremy Irons

    1/7 Madame Sara - w/John Fraser

    1/9 The Woman In The Big Hat - w/Una Stubbs & Peter Bowles.

    1/12 The Ripening Rubies - w/Robert Lang

    1/13 The Case Of The Laker, Absconded - w/Peter Barkworth

    Series 2

    2/1 The Mysterious Death On The Underground Railway - w/Judy Geeson & Richard Beckinsale

    2/2 Five Hundred Carats - w/Barry Keegan & Patrick Barr

    2/3 Cell 13 - w/Douglas Wilmer & Michael Gough

    2/4 The Secret Magnifque - w/Bernard Hepton

    2/6 The Sensible Action Of Lieutenant Hoist - w/ John Thaw, Catherine Schell & Philip Madoc

    2/7 The Superfluous Finger - w/Douglas Wilmer

    2/8 Anonymous Letter - w/Ronald Lewis

    2/9 The Moabite Cipher - w/Barrie Ingham, Peter Sallis & Julian Glover

    2/10 The Secret Of The Foxhunter - w/Derek Jacobi

    2/11 The Missing QCs - w/John Barron

    2/12 The Looting Of The Specie Room - w/Ronald Fraser & Stephen Yardley



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    hello does anyone have any episodes of:

    the rivals of sherlock holmes (any except, the behaviour of lieutenant holst, and the avalanche bicycle and tyre company)

    the mind of mr J G Reeder (any)

    Doomwatch (good copies of episodes 1-7 of series 2

    I have little to trade, but can provide, discs/postage if you have anything i am after.

    thanks alot


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    Hi, James!

    I noticed your posting regarding THE RIVALS OF SHERLOCK HOLMES, and wanted to dash a quick line off to you. Like you, I'm looking for episodes of this series, but unfortunately I don't have any of the installments you need at the moment. However, I do have a fairly large collection of tv & film recordings, and was wondering if I might be able to tempt you into helping me with some of the RIVALS episodes that I don't have. And of course, if I ever come across any of the eight you're seeking, I'd be glad to contact you straight away to let you know about it. The search continues! Anyway, if you would be interested in discussing it at all, please give me a shout, and we can see about taking the conversation offlist. Thanks, and I do hope to hear from you.

    All the best,


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    This is a big ask but i'm trying to find this series from 1971, please pm me any info cheers :-)

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    You can get episodes of this via e-bay.

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    Plus they're available for download at The Box.

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