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    Don't Go Breaking My Heart is an underrated gem that for some reason never saw the light of day in America.

    Spoiler Alert

    the beautiful Jenny Seagrove his sensational as a young widow, who doesn't see herself getting married again. However, her dentist and close friend Charles Dance wants to date her, so he hypnotises her with a coded message that when she hears it she'll invite him around to her house. Unfortunatly for him American fitness trainer Anthony Edwards phones to tell her he's found her wallet she lost the day before. Without realizing it he gives her the coded message and so begins a lovely little love story.

    Also interesting is the male bonding between Edwards and Seagrove's teenage son.

    Gloria Hunniford compared it to Sleepless In Seattle. Can I be so bold and say that Don't Go Breaking My Heart is even better!

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    I find it almost mind blowing that this delightful romantic comedy didn't see the light of day in America.

    Gloria Hunniford described it as the British Sleepless In Seattle. IMHO I think this British movie if anything is better that the American made SIS.

    Jenny Seagrove is sensational as the devoted young widow persued by dentist Charles Dance, who attempts to hypnotises her into fancing her by giving her a code he'll use when phoning her. Unfortuantly for him American sports trainer Anthony Edwards phones first and accidently uses the code.

    Not only are Seagrove and Edwards a delightful couple, the sports coach also manages to bond with her teenage son, who has felt a failure since the death of his father and encourages him to run the race of his life in the school's 1500 mtr championship, making his mother very proud.

    The film also boasts a fine cast including Tom Conti as a shrink, who tells Seagrove she's been hypnotised and Lynda Bellingham, who is deserving of a lead role in a major movie.

    One of the films highlights is when Jenny pretends and cons Dance into beleiving she's going to marry him, making pay a fortune for the up-coming wedding that's never going to take place

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