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    I watched it again a few months ago and really enjoyed it. However, I maybe bias because I saw it when I was about 10 and fell in love with the heroine played by Janette Scott, the daughter of Dame Thora Hird and future wife of American singer Mel Torme.

    Seige Of The Saxons, made in the early 60s, isn't a classic by any means and some of the scenes action aren't very good, particulary the battle with the Saxon soldiers at the end, but I still found Janette and leading man Ronald Lewis an endearing couple.

    King Arthur is betrayed by his trusted friend played by Ronald, son of Leslie, Howard, who has him killed. However, with the help of a woodsman called Robert played by Welsh actor Lewis, Arthur's daughter Katherine escapes. Cutting her hair and disguising herself as a boy, Katherine and Robert go looking for Merlin, so he can help her regain her father's throne. Merlin was played by The 39 Steps and future Dad's Army star John Laurie.

    After Howard. who secretly supports a Saxon invasion, fails to pull Arthur's famous sword from it's scabbarb, the tomboyishly unrecognizable Catherine surprises everyone by removing it herself, therefor proving her right to the throne.

    Jeanette Scott never really hit the big time. I think she retired in the late 60s after she married Mel Torme, a marriage that didn't work out, though they had two children, both well known in America.

    I'd like to see Jeanette in the rock an roll movie The Lady Is A Square with Anthony Newley and Frankie Vaughan (MMs co-star in Let's Make Love), along with the films star, classical actress Anna Neagle in what I think was her last film. Jeanette also made a decent musical film The Good Companions again with Newley, another great classical actress Celia Johnson and her mum Thora Hird. The last time I saw Jeanette was when she sat in the audience of the Esther Ranzen chat show in which her mother was interviewed. Sitting beside Janette was Thora's screen daughter from Last Of The Summer Wine Sarah Thomas, who played Glenda.

    Sadly I think the talented Ronald Lewis committed suicide, because he was no longer able to get steady work.

    Ronald Howard made My Brother Johnathon, Nurse On Wheels and African Texas Style, playing Hugh O'Brien's love rival, but he later took the John Mills role in the tv version Cowboy In Africa. I last saw him on Barry Norman's Hollywood Greats, in a doc about his father, whom he called Leslie.

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    Interesting post. I have never heard of this; it sounds worthwhile.

    I thought I knew most historical epics. You lean something new every day, at least on this forum.

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    Most people would have seen SOTSaxons with JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS which it supported in 1963 (although for some reason my local showed 'Rally Round The Flag Boys' with it). I thought it was an excellent adventure, and the funniest bit was when the queen wanted to marry him at the end but couldn't because he was a commoner, so she said (and I paraphrase), "I now make you Earl Of Cornwall and Duke Of Bristol with all the land acres that go with them, and a purse of �10000" - to which he says "How do I know you don't just want to marry me for my money and land?"

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    Its on again on More 4 HD tomorrow (Dec 12th)

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    I'd like to see Janette in the rock an roll movie The Lady Is A Square with Anthony Newley and Frankie Vaughan

    I rented this DVD from Lovefilm......not sure it counts as a rock n roll movie though !

    Janette had the starring role in The Beauty Jungle, then seemed to retire from British films.......

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