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    Can someone please explain why the running time for the film "Tread Softly Stranger" appears to be longer on the 1994 video version submitted to the BBFC (91m 8s) than the original film version of 1958 (90m 0s). This is rather confusing when there were cuts made to the film version in 1958, but the 1994 video does not have any cuts made. I thought when films were transferred to video they had a shorter running time, not longer.

    Perhaps the 1994 version was restored to its correct length - if that was the case then the new DVD release appears to have been cut by several minutes. Maybe I have missed something here ?

    I don't know where Odeon got their copy from for the DVD, but this is supposed to be issued with no cuts and a running time of 87m 38s. All these timings are indicated on the BBFC website.

    Even if the film is not quite complete, it is still a very entertaining film and very worthwhile to have it available on DVD. Another excellent release from Odeon.


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    Am I alone in loving this Diana Dors film. It's rated very poorly with the critics and I have only ever read reviews that lead me to believe the reviewer hasn't actually seen the film. The photography is superb and the softness of the gorgeous Dors, juxtaposed to the brutalist backkdrop of the industrial town is very powerful. I never tire of viewing and consider it to be an unrecognised classic.

    Ralphmeister (my first post)

    PS this film was recently made available on DVD, nice clean print.

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    welcome to the Forum, agreed, good film

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    It's part of my family history.

    George Baker would visit my grandmother's house during filming, ostensibly to use the little house (the family came from Corsican French stock and appear to have had a somewhat more fastidious approach to toiletry related hygeine).

    The photograph was probably taken in what was known as Concrete Canyon and the tall chimneys in the background still stand in the now Corus owned steelworks (where I've also worked in the past) on Aldwarke Lane in Rawmarsh, Rotherham.

    Anyway, at some point there is also a scene in Lloyd Street, Parkgate, Rawmarsh, where prior to filming George Baker had been one of those dispensing sweets as payment for the kids who are seen kicking a football around in a scene filmed at the time. My Uncle also happens to be one of the kids who gets nearest to George when he kicks the runaway ball back to them.

    I can't help thinking he'd have rather got closer to Diana Dors, mind.

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    I watched it the other night actually. It did draw me in, and thought it wasn't without its good points. Dors is certainly a decent actress. Found the ending too ambigious, though. 7/10.

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