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    Just caught this on TCM in the states, quite cute. Any thought on it?

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    the musical number in a giant birdcage filmed in a field at Northolt at night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by orpheum
    the musical number in a giant birdcage filmed in a field at Northolt at night.
    I like the film .... Jessie is so sexy!

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    Never heard of the film. It was the original version of the Julie Andrews' film Victor/Victoria.

    Ta Ta

    Marky B

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    First A Girl is an excellent film and should be shown to anyone sceptical about the possibility of a decent British musical. It was indeed an earlier version of Victor Victoria and followed a German original in 1933. I think there was also a French version and another German version in the 1950s.

    Jessie Matthews was invited to Hollywood around this time by Fred Astaire to be his partner. She declined because of her marriage to Sonnie Hale (her co-star in First A Girl). Had she gone she might have become a big Hollywood star and there might not have been Mrs Dale's Diary on BBC Radio.

    I admired Ms Matthews' dancing, but always winced to hear the cut-glass accent the working-class girl from Soho (Berwick Street, I think) was forced to adopt.

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