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    Hello, does anyone know a film from I think the early or mid 1970s where there is a woman rape victim who subsequently sees all men as her attacker? I can recall one scene where she runs a man over in her car who she thinks is the attacker - it was on a farm and he was carrying eggs that end up hitting her car's windshield ... she thinks she has killed him only to discover that "another" man is the attacker- then we learn that all men are seen as her attacker ... any help would be appreciated- thanks .....

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    There was a very similar plot to Episode 1, Series 1, of Alfred Hitchcock Presents, directed by the man himself:-

    "After having a nervous breakdown, former ballet dancer Elsa Spann has to give up her career and spends her time living in a trailer park with her husband Carl. One evening, Carl returns home and finds everything in disarray. Elsa tells him that she was attacked by a man who almost killed her. Instead of going to the police, Carl decides to get his own revenge. He takes Elsa to the car and they go for a drive. On the way, she identifies a man and says he attacked her. Carl follows the man and later kills him. When Carl and Elsa are on their way home, however, Elsa sees another man. She, then, claims that he was the man that attacked her. As the police pull up behind them, Carl realizes that his wife has gone crazy and that he has just killed an innocent man."

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    That is an episode of Thriller called Screamer and starring Pamela Franklin

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    Definitely is!! The face of the "attacker" she sees belongs to Jim Norton, of STRAW DOGS and FATHER TED fame, but it's not quite that of the greatest episodes of the series.

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