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    Which peformers recorded the best versions of Jaques Brel songs.

    I suppose Scott Walker must have been insrumental in turning people on to Brel in this country.

    All of Walkers Brel covers were excellent especaiiy my all time favourite,"Sons Of."

    My favourite intepretation of the oft recorded,"If You Go Away/Ne me Qutte Pas," must be be the one by Nina Simone.

    I love Mort Shumans renditions of "Jackie,", "Mathilda." and "The Funeral Tango" fromthe "Jaques Brel Is Alive and Well, revue. My favourite songs from that recording were, "Fannette," and "Carousel the latter sung by Elly Stone who had a very Piaf like quality in her voice.

    Also enjoyed the intrepretations by Momus, I have never been too sure about Mark Almonds brel recordings because I am not a fan.

    Prior to Mort Shuman and Eric Blau's translations many people had a crack at intrepeting Brel,including the sacarhine Canadiadn singer/poet Rod Mckuen.

    Mckuen was responsible for the English lyrics for,"Ne Me Qutte Pas," and Le Moribund, Seasons In The Son.

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    The Sensational Alex Harvey's Band version of "Next" and David Bowie & The Spiders "My Death" introduced Brel in the early 70's to a lot of young people not in the mood for Walker or Simone, both of whom are superb interpreters of Brel's work

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    The Irish singer Jack Lukeman a.k.a. Jack L. has done a great job of intrepreting "If We Only Have Love."

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