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    Due for release on 26/01/2009

    Released by Network but not on there web site yet so no idea whats on the second disc (UK) : This Happy Breed (2 Discs) : DVD - Free Delivery

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    Moviemail - link has the details

    2 discs

    Brand new digital restoration

    Original theatrical trailer

    Re-release trailer

    Restoration comparison featurette

    Extensive South Bank Show feature on David Lean

    Commemorative booklet by noted British film historian David Rolinson

    Extensive stills gallery, including behind the scenes images

    Original Pressbook and material in PDF format.

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    Would that be better than my (free) DVD-R copy from TCM including now historic adverts?

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    No extended director's cut then, with deleted bloopers?

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    I remember the lengthy South Bank feature. Be worth getting just for that.

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