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    Sorry if this is going over well-trodden ground, but I'm looking for (I think it's called) Hollywood-the early years, or something like that. It was made by Kevin Brownlow and appeared on British TV in the early 80s. He also created a series about Charlie Chaplin, narrated by James Mason.

    I understand Network Video were going to release it at one point?

    Any news on an official release? If not, anyone have it available on DVD?



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    Network have indeed released " Unknown Chaplin " narrated by James Mason and very good it is too, it is avaialbale from the usual online retailers for as low as �7.49.

    The Kevin Brownlow " Hollywood " series was mooted as a release by Network but seems to have run into rights issues, copies can be purchased from ioffer for circa. $25

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    I have the 1980 Kevin Brownlow series entitled Hollywood. If you are still interested send me a PM.


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