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    I am currently studying at Canterbury College for my A levels and this term from 11/11/08 to 08/12/08 my media studies project is to prepare a powerpoint presentation focusing on a specific studio or production company that targets a British audience.

    I have decided to reaserch the Bond films and Pinewood studios, however during my research i found out that also MGM Metro Goldwyn Mayer is involved in the production of the James Bond films.

    I was hoping that you could provide me with some information about how Pinewood and MGM work together to produce the Bond films and what each of these studios do to help towards the production.

    As part of the film making process i was wondering if you could also prodive information on the distribrution of these films.

    Also could you possibly provide me information on how screen south is connected with pinewood and what screen south does to help pinewood.

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    I think that should be Pinewood and Shepperton studios..MGM closed about 1971...There are others on here who might know more....


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    I believe MGM's involvement is due to the fact that they merged with United Artists, the original Hollywood studio behind the films, some years ago. UA were never a traditional Hollywood studio with their own studio facilities, instead backing the productions of independent producers, such as Saltzman and Broccoli's EON Productions in the case of the Bond series.

    Although the largest artistic say in the films has always been with EON, the financial backers of the series have always had a strong voice in the direction of the series. For example, in the early 70s UA asked for a new Bond movie to be delivered only one year after 1973's Live and Let Die. The result was that The Man With the Golden Gun was rushed into production, with generally unsatisfactory results. In the latter years of UA's existence as an independent entity, the funds generated by Bond were vital in keeping the whole thing going.

    Pinewood's involement with the series has always been in providing studio space and craft services to the productions, as far as I know,

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