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    Fraid to say after all the hype I wasn't impressed. It was impressively mounted and Dervla Kirwin was an effective baddie but the rise of the Cyber King smacked on the ridiculousness of Wild Wild West and the finale involving a short beam of energy from Tennant was simplistic given alll the build up. Morrissey started out chewing the scenary at every opportunity but did eventually begin to show a more emotional side.

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    Well Ive got to say I enjoyed it even though I didn`t think I would


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    i havent seen any dr who for ages so i quite enjoyed that one on xmas day . its obvious that david morrissey is not going to be the next dr who as some were led to believe .ive mentioned in another thread that i seen richard e grant on xmas eve ,the thought came to me wouldnt he be a great dr ?

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    Is it being repeated anywhere? Only we got back late from Sonny Boy's last night (there was an accident on the A46 which meant they closed the road and sent us all ten miles around the houses) and missed it.

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    name='EllyMack']Is it being repeated anywhere?

    BBC3 will probably repeat it 24/7 for the next six months!

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    I always thought the Cybermen were second only to the Daleks in terms of fear but their threat seems to have been diminished. They need to get to you now to do harm. I'm sure they had a weapon originally. Wasn't it something on their chests?

    In my younger day I used to think of them having something akin to a Piano Accordion with which they would fire.

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    Doctor Who: The Next Doctor is repeated on BBC1 on New Year�s Day afternoon � 2.50-3.50pm

    The repeat is preceded by Doctor Who at the Proms � 1.50-2.50pm.

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    Cybermen - isn't that a bit sexist for our enlightened times? What about the Cyberladies and Cybertransexuals?

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    Enjoyed it a lot more than the one last Christmas.

    David Morrissey was the essence of a Victorian eccentric and Dervla Kirwan was an icy treat. Anything that concludes with a giant robot firing lasers at London can only be a good thing in my book

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    name='Husky']Cybermen - isn't that a bit sexist for our enlightened times? What about the Cyberladies and Cybertransexuals?

    Not sure if they have any genital arrangements. Anyway man is just short for woman isn't it?

    I enjoyed it - not perfect but a fun piece of escapist holiday entertainment.

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