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    Does anyone remember a film called "The Night My Number Came Up" ? Too much to expect it to be on over Christmas - and not avialable commercially it would seem. Michael Horden and Nigel Stock were two of the names I remember, and a cracking storyline.

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    From, only four years after you asked the question -

    The Night My Number Came Up was based on an actual incident in the life of Britain's Sir Victor Goddard. Michael Redgrave stars as an RAF pilot who is tormented by the premonition that his plane will crash. After much trepidation, he agrees to take a routine flight. As Redgrave prepares to take off, he notes that several of the small details in his premonition are occurring all around him. The audience sweats out the rest flight with Redgrave, fully expecting the worst at any second. A steady level of suspense permeates The Night My Number Came Up from beginning to end; that level might even have been heightened had not the film been constructed in the form of a flashback.
    I remember watching this on late-night TV several years ago. Nail-biter.

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    I've got a magazine feature all about it, from the time.
    I don't imagine I'm the only one.....

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    It's now available on DVD


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    This is on my must see list of films. I was reminded of it when Sheila Sim (whose last film it was) was in the news recently and have it on my Love Film rental list. Looking forward to seeing it.

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