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    Does anyone know if the Miklos Rozsa theme from Time after Time is available on a movie soundtrack compilation disc? I just watched the movie the other night and cant get the closing title music out of my head. I've searched for an Original Motion Picture Soundtrack album and can't see one anywhere to buy.

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    What search engine are you using David - It took me all of 10 seconds to find these.

    Try here -

    Time After Time soundtrack (CD) - Mikl�s R�zsa

    In stock and �9.99

    Also available from

    [ame=""]Time After Time (Rozsa): Original Soundtrack: Music[/ame]

    �8.79 - Free delivery - In Stock

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    The complete original score (as heard in the film) has just been released by Film Score Monthly, mastered in good stereo from the 16 track masters.

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