So many times over the years I've had reason to recall from memory, a British documentary aired in Australia in the late 80s. Forgive me, the details are going to be a bit sketchy - from memory - and possibly embellished with my perspective. But I would really like to know what the documentary was called, and what the research project was, whether there was any further followup.

The doco was set in a very small rural and possibly remote English (?) village - where resideents cooperated with a team of researchers. It seemed all the food outlets in the town closed or something for the experiment and the only food that the villagers could eat was delivered to them - consisting of a special but broad diet of organic fresh and processed foods, but selected because they were nutritious and free of chemical additives and known allergens.

The doco opened with a town meeting where details of the trial were discussed. In the footage the participants had very poor attention span, fidgeting as they sat. There was a lot of background noise, and the children were all over the place. There were some cameo interviews, shots of people receiving the box of food at home, and then a jump to some weeks later. The residents had all assembled again in the hall, where the researchers addressed a very focussed and almost silent room. Even the children were sitting quietly focussed in their seats. That alone was extraordinarily obvious in the filming. The villagers were being told that the experiment was ending a lot earlier than anyone had anticipated because the results were too evident.

A local policeman was interviewed - he said he couldn't believe what a difference had occurred in the town after just two weeks - with no violence, no vandalism, no disputes.

Does anyone recall seeing this documentary - if so can you identify it and where I might find a copy of the footage or other information regarding the research study?

Thanks in advance.