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    Just finished watching last of available Grange Hill, any idea about series 5 onwards.I watched it from about 17 when it started until early 90s. Seen it on Rare Television for silly prices.

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    i also have series 1,2 and 3 of tuckers luck some where if you are interested

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    I expect many fans missed the penultimate series when sneaked onto Freeview with no notice, and then pulled after the first repeat so as not to upset families of suicide victims (although the first showing clearly didn't worry about it).

    Since then I've been unable to find a single route to seeing them again. Being a full series rather than odd episode I'm loath to pay for a boxed set, but as I watched it since the 80s would be nice to complete the set at some point. Hopefully others have created a demand and been supplied somehow, just as my Open University ones were this year after a very long gap.

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    There are sets of all 30 series available on ioffer for �42 - �46. Most, if not all, are also available for downloading as torrents on Qulaity is variable, especially for the early series, but that's only to be expected.

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    I have been transferring my tapes to dvd.So far i have found eps from 88,89,90 and 91.I should have all eps from those series and later

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